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“Magar” (مگر)
An important class of interrogative sentences are those starting with the word “مگر” (pronounced “مگه” in colloquial Persian). In some cases, this word can be loosely translated as “is it that” or "isn't it that". It comes at the beginning of a question, implying that it appears to the speaker (really or sarcastically) that the answer is "no" or "nothing".
چرا با اتوبوس آمدی؟ مگر ماشین نداری؟
زود آماده شو! مگر نمی‌آیی؟
مگر می‌شود نخندید؟
مگر من چه‌کار کرده‌ام؟
Why did you come by bus? Don’t you have a car?
(I thought you had one!)
Get ready quickly (lit. soon)! Aren’t you coming?
Is it possible not to laugh? (Oh it’s not!)
What (literally: what work) have I done?
(suggesting that “I haven’t done anything.”)