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The comparative form of an adjective or adverb is made by adding the suffix “تر” to it.
لطفاً کمی بلندتر حرف بزن.
مریم دو سال از مینا بزرگ‌تر است.
مریم دو سال بزرگ‌تر از مینا است.
تو از همه قشنگ‌تری.
Please talk a bit louder.
Maryam is two years older than Mina.
Maryam is two years older than Mina.
You are more beautiful than everyone.
To make the superlative form of an adjective, the suffix “ترین” is used.
شهاب بداخلاق‌ترین عضو خانواده است.
امشب طولانی‌ترین شب سال است.
Shahab is the grumpiest member of the family.
Tonight is the longest night of the year.
There are just two adjectives that do not follow the general rules in their comparative and superlative forms; “good” and “much”.
من بیشتر از تو نگرانم.
خودتان بهتر از من می‌دانید.
کار زیاد یعنی پول بیشتر
و کار کم یعنی پول کمتر.
نقاشی سعید هم خوب بود
اما مال وحید بهتر بود.
بیشترین چیزی که می‌خواست تنهایی بود.
بهترین قسمت سخنرانی آقای
رئیس جمهور، همان چند ثانیه سکوتش بود.
I am more worried than you.
You know better than me.
Lots of work means more money and
little work means less money.
Saeed’s painting was good as well,
but Vahid’s was better.
The thing he wanted the most was solitude.
The best part of Mr. President’s
speech was his few seconds of silence.