The Basic Lessons
16th century depiction of Persian
poet Ferdowsi and three court poets
This section contains the main content of our website. The following 32 lessons will help you learn the basics of the Persian language. They have been designed to allow you to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling and pronunciation simultaneously at a steady pace. If you are unfamiliar with the Persian alphabet, we recommend that you first complete the ‘alphabet’ section before taking these lessons. Once you have completed all 32 lessons, you may continue to the next section and learn colloquial Persian. The ‘vocabulary’ and ‘reading’ sections can be used as references any time.

Each lesson consists of three parts. The first part, called “grammar note”, will help you learn a new topic in Persian grammar. The second part, called “interactive vocabulary guide”, will help you review what you learned from the grammar note but will also expand your vocabulary through examples. The third part is a test in which you need to answer questions using an on-screen Persian keyboard. There is no need to worry if your test score was appalling in the first attempt. You can retake the tests as many times as you like.

To begin, navigate to the first course using the content tab on the left. Good luck!